Free Display Book

Are you a Business Owner and a fan of Pagefold Books? Well you're in luck! We are currently offering free display books for small business owners like yourself to display in your store. They can be tailor made relative to your business or chosen from our existing list of titles. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, high five, let us make you a steaming cup of coffee book. It's that simple!

Please email to apply for your FREE Pagefold B2B Book. Please include your Business Name, Type, Phone Number and Address.


The best option for your business to carry our products, hands down. Choosing the Pagefold Books Wholesale Program leaves your business the bulk of the profits.

Please, take advantage of this opportunity while we are in the stages of growing our brand.

Email to receive more information about our Wholesale Program.


Do you think our Books would do great in your consignment store? Lets us know!

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